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Telehealth- The new Global Paradigm shift in Healthcare.

The healthcare scenario is evolving everyday. Taking into account India's diverse landscape, various technologies have been designed and implemented to increase accessibility and quality of healthcare. Telehealth is one such technological advancement that has been growing in India and is benefiting many across various regions. As the world braces itself to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, Healthcare professionals and Doctors need to look for alternative options to give best quality care to their patients


By: Ayushi Tandon

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How engaged are your patients beyond your premise?

Nowadays, Healthcare providers are faced with a number of challenges that extend beyond declining reimbursement and increasing regulation. The challenge today is centered on how to engage our “patients” in their own journey towards health. With the help of digital tools it can help patients and doctors to manage the disease with the help of timely intervention. This not only increases patient satisfaction but also improves their health and operational outcomes and strengthens the doctor-patient relationship.


By: Sharmin Dhanani

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Transform your healthcare set-up digitally with NHCircle!

The ever- evolving technology has been changing the world. Whether it is in business, IT, healthcare there’s no denying technology’s impact. Since the initial stages of the digital transformation, we’ve witnessed technology facilitating certain tasks, boosting efficiency and productivity in the workplace, transforming business operations, and affecting people’s lives.


By: Team NH+Circle