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Transform your healthcare set-up digitally with NHCircle!

The ever- evolving technology has been changing the world. Whether it is in business, IT, healthcare there’s no denying technology’s impact. Since the initial stages of the digital transformation, we’ve witnessed technology facilitating certain tasks, boosting efficiency and productivity in the workplace, transforming business operations, and affecting people’s lives.
Once digital entered our lives, the world would never be the same. Needless to say, the world will only become more digitized in the future, leaving us with little to no choice but to adapt to the new ways of the world.The digital era that we are in today has technologies that are focused in helping hospitals deliver healthcare outcomes, improve patient and medical staff experiences, and improve the cost of care. It is the need of the hour and facilitates managing the functioning of any healthcare facility.

What is NHCircle?
Our digital platform - NHCircle, is a robust technological platform that helps digitize operations. It is the one-stop comprehensive solution to Digital transformation made for clinics and hospitals, enabling them to integrate and communicate among all departments (clinical, pharmacy, labs, billing and admin). It helps to connect various stakeholders within the care team, ensuring patients get seamless care. Thereby, providing an end to end solution in coordination with labs, pharmacy, diagnostics and many more.
NHCircle allows healthcare providers to manage relationships with their patients. It is a feature packed, user friendly software for healthcare providers enabling entire paperless flow to reduce operational costs and promote greater patient satisfaction, ensuring better outcomes. NHCircle ensures Clinical expertise and guidance and works on inbuilt intuitive intelligence.
Benefits for patients:
Increased engagement for patients has become a very important factor for healthcare providers. Our portal provides customised recommendations, access to authentic information, easy connectivity,and a user friendly experience. It includes features like
  1. Patient Information Confidentiality
  2. Organized Data Access
  3. Improved Patient Care
  4. Individual patient feedback
  5. Customized appointment notifications
  6. Medication reminders etc
Thereby providing patients an integrated, end to end solution and making the process more convenient and seamless.
Benefits for hospitals:
NHCircle is the new Rx for the healthcare system. It allows the systems to move beyond clinics and expand their addressing market.The digitised operations provide conveniences like-
  1. 360-degree patient Health view
  2. Reduced Leakages
  3. Increased Patient Follow-up
  4. Easy Payments & Billing
  5. Better Pharmacy & Diagnostics Management
  6. Optimized Revenue etc
A win win for both healthcare providers and patients:
What makes digital healthcare interesting is that it could potentially stand to benefit both patients, as well as their healthcare providers. Patients are getting power to access and run their own health journey, able to help hospitals overcome traditional challenges , save time and improve the overall impact.
In this rapidly changing healthcare landscape, get ready and build yourself for improved health outcomes and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship!
Get your clinic/hospital digitised today and rapidly increase your revenue!
NHCircle: Digital operations,engaged patients better outcomes!

Team NH+Circle