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How engaged are your patients beyond your premise?

Nowadays, Healthcare providers are faced with a number of challenges that extend beyond declining reimbursement and increasing regulation. The challenge today is centered on how to engage our “patients” in their own journey towards health. With the help of digital tools it can help patients and doctors to manage the disease with the help of timely intervention. This not only increases patient satisfaction but also improves their health and operational outcomes and strengthens the doctor-patient relationship.
To increase your patient engagement, NHCircle is the right digital platform to do so. Keep reading to know how.

  1. Patient App: Video consultation application provides both patient and doctor new ways to engage and cater to proactive treatment. It introduces the patient to preventive and primary care. With the help of the patient app,it has features like e- pharmacies, medicine reminders, teleconsultation where doctors can now reach patients who cannot travel and provide them the necessary care. It also helps in cutting down both time and money spent on in person visits.
  2. Collection and storage of patient health records: Loss of old health records, carrying huge files for every visit, missing out on important reports are few of the problems which come in the way of a better patient experience. Innovative technology solution needs to be employed which stores all the current health data, allows addition of old health records and analyses and interprets this data. This also saves the time of a doctor spent going through the reports, thus giving you more time to interact with the patient, building trust and rapport.
  3. Personalized Notifications: Patients demand experiences to be more custom to them. The more you develop a culture beyond the clinic to one that connects both patient and provider through a digital culture of wellness, communication and personalization, the more your patients and your practice will benefit. Personalized SMS, medicine reminders, email notifications, birthday text are just a few of the ways to show your patient that you care about them and their wellbeing is important to you.
  4. Family Health management: More than their own health, the health of their loved ones is important to them. They become proactive to maintain and restore the health of their parents or the health of their children. Having a solution which has incorporated the family members health data also onto its platform relieves the stress.
  5. Recommendation Engine: When a patient walks out of clinic, they are often left with a question: What Next? Hence its very important to have a system which makes sense of all the data stored in it and timely informs the patient- What activity (consultation/diagnostics/PharmacyRefill etc) should be done next, Why activity should take place, When should the next activity happen, Whose responsibility is it to get it done & Where should the activity be performed. This not only ensures better patient health and higher revenue but also helps to maintain a continuum of care.
With the dynamic landscape of the Healthcare System, healthcare providers, facilities and doctors aim to enhance the quality and provide better care. As the healthcare system is progressing, patient engagement has become a very important factor for healthcare providers. It is the need of the hour to make the healthcare system patient-centric. Technology solutions can enable the healthcare providers to deliver personalized care while reducing the operational cost and their by increasing the revenue. Going digital for your practice will convert the reactive and fragmented system into a proactive well coordinated system.

Sharmin Dhanani