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Telehealth- The new Global Paradigm shift in Healthcare.

The healthcare scenario is evolving everyday. Taking into account India's diverse landscape, various technologies have been designed and implemented to increase accessibility and quality of healthcare. Telehealth is one such technological advancement that has been growing in India and is benefiting many across various regions.
As the world braces itself to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, Healthcare professionals and Doctors need to look for alternative options to give best quality care to their patients. India, already is facing a shortage of healthcare providers and the Coronavirus outburst has led to a potential risk to their lives on performing their duties, the conventional way.
Telehealth has become a boon for working professionals, those working in large MNC’ s and corporate don't have the time to schedule an appointment to visit the doctor and also for people living in the remote areas. This has helped to bridge the gap between the patients and the healthcare systems, doctors, health coaches by providing effective means of communication with help of virtual channels such as:

  1. video consultation
  2. e-prescriptions
  3. online pharmacy
  4. remote diagnostic tests and much more.
Adopting the latest telehealth initiatives can help both the patients and healthcare providers in numerous ways.
Advantages of Telehealth:
  1. Improved quality of care delivery
  2. Increased patient engagement and improves the overall experience
  3. Better health outcomes
  4. Increases access to care
  5. Easy to implement and can be scaled quickly
  6. Improves healthcare professionals satisfaction
Our telehealth platform NH+Circle provides patients continuous access with their healthcare providers at all times and even during uncertain situations. With features such as:
  1. Tele consultation
  2. E prescription
  3. EHR
  4. Care continuum with our one of a kind clinical recommendation engine - which suggests the next step of action at the right time
Making the solution user friendly, reducing healthcare cost, remote health monitoring & better outcomes.
With the latest guidelines issued by the Government of India for Telemedicine implementation. We at NH+Circle, are constantly updating our platform to provide a holistic patient experience and ensure a care continuum.
We are ascertaining that:
  1. RMP begins the teleconsultation by informing the patient about his/her name and qualifications.
  2. patient consent is taken before any form of consultation and recording explicit consent (text, video, audio, mail) to patient records.
  3. RMP shall provide photo, scan, digital copy of a signed prescription or e-Prescription to the patient via any messaging platform.
  4. RMP should confirm patient identity by asking the patient's name, age, address, email ID, phone number
  5. Where the patient is a minor, tele consultation would be allowed only if the minor is consulting along-with an adult whose identity needs to be ascertained.
From capturing real- time available data, screening patients, EMR’s to clinical information systems and much more telehealth is just the much needed step to forge ahead.
It puts the data together and provides the caregiver a holistic and real-time view of patients health for the best ongoing care. Moreover, this is just one of the many ways digital workflow could look and how it will impact the patient and provider. The future is digital; we need to adapt to it as fast as we can.
With the rapid advances in technology, teleconsultation has become the need of the hour. The future is of only those healthcare providers who are adapting quickly and making use of these resources to provide practice beyond their premises.

Ayushi Tandon